About Us
Director of Academia Orphica:
Tsvetan Gaidarski
Tsvetan Gaidarski was born in Sofia in 1966. He graduated in classical singing in Assoc. Prof. Subin Markov’s class from the Musical Academy in 1992. He is married, with four children. He has worked at the Bulgarian National Radio and has performed in Europe and around the world.

The activities of Academia Orphica are multidimensional, diverse and long-term.

The main objectives of Academia Orphica are the implementation of and assistance in different projects in the sphere of art and culture, in all their genres and types of expression through their various forms and means – from traditional to experimental and interactive forms, which throw a bridge to the ancient roots of national as well as world culture and the spiritual sensitivity of the contemporary person.

Academia Orphica is open for participation and assistance in each project that contributes to those eternal values which are independent of time and are the basis of the eternal civilization.

Besides the implementation of projects in the theatre, dance and pictorial arts, the cinema, music, literature and traditional folklore, another objective of Academia Orphica is the preparation of architectural projects at preliminary and working level, restoration and preservation of cultural and historical monuments.

With a view to attaining its objectives, Academia Orphica organizes conferences, seminars, lectures, consultations; it establishes contacts and collaboration with various institutions, academic, public, cultural and educational and other similar organizations, foundations, associations – both local and foreign ones. It builds up work teams for the development of various projects and attracts a wide circle of collaborators as well as teams of art and science workers and other experts for the preparation and implementation of projects that promote and spread Bulgarian culture as a bearer of human progress which has a special place in the treasury of world civilization.