Premiere of the film Thracian Mystery Rites Drama in Stara Zagora

Premiere of the film Thracian Mystery Rites Drama in Stara Zagora

The film Thracian Mystery Rites Drama, based on documentary footage of live performances during festivals of Thracian culture in Bulgaria, was first presented on 1 November 2006 in Hall 1 of the Vereya Complex in Stara Zagora at 6 p.m. The film was created and produced by Academia Orphica.

The event was organized with the kind cooperation of Alba-Avitohol Gallery of Fine and Applied Arts, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Stara Zagora, and The National Business Post newspaper.

A week before the premiere, the event had been announced in the local press and on the National Television in Stara Zagora. The director of Academia Orphica Mr. Tsvetan Gaidarski gave a comprehensive interview for Trakia TV with regard to the upcoming premiere. Stoychev private cable television took footage of the event on the day of the premiere, and showed it a few days later, along with an interview with Mr. Tsvetan Gaidarski.

The film was viewed with great interest and unusual attendance, which surprised even the hosts of the event. The was attended by a large number of representatives of the cultural and social elite, especially representatives of the mass media in Stara Zagora, and by many people who feel deeply in touch with the events, related to the Thracian culture and tradition.

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