Premiere of The Seventh Song

Premiere of The Seventh Song

On 3 October 2006, in Sofia City Art Gallery, the premiere of “The Seventh Song” took place – a book by the famous Macedonian poet, fiction writer and translator Michail Rendzhov.

Academia Orphica was the co-organizer of the event, together with the Culture and Information Centre of the Republic of Macedonia in Sofia and AB Publishing Atelier.

The Academia Orphica Artists Formation had prepared especially for this occasion their own musical compositions that complemented the poems, performed by the actor Irinei Konstantinov, as well as songs after psalms by Rendzhov.
This made the public not a mere spectator of a literature reading, but a participant in a performance close to a mystery, where different arts complement one another and harmonize with the overall spiritual impact. This interrelation between Rendzhov’s poems and the music and performance by the Art Group was completely natural, having in mind the common spiritual, ideological, philosophical and creative concepts of the Macedonian poet and the authors from Academia Orphica. In his speech, delivered at the premiere, the director of Academia Orphica paid special attention to this kinship: “We consider Mihail Rendzhov as one of our poets because he is so close to these orphic concepts and art which are characteristic of our ancient poetry and of the common legacy of the peoples living on the Balkans.”

A welcome speech was also delivered by the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Bulgaria. Present at the event were many famous poets, writers, culture workers. The gallery was overcrowded with admirers from different generations.

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