The Argonauts Society

The society of the new Argonauts

The Association Academia Orphica periodically organizes trips to ancient Thracian sanctuaries, which include reenactments of the ancient Thracian Rituals of Creation, presentations of archaeological discoveries and interdisciplinary research findings about the Bulgarian cultural heritage.The Academy also holds lectures by experts in the sacred traditions, knowledge and culture of our ancient ancestors.

Thrace is a piece of the Paradise – an ancient land, in mythical times inhabited by gods and heroes, who gave birth and raised the first human civilization. Its fairy tale-like nature, millennial history and sacred folklore customs is where the past and the future meet and where the most cherished desires and longings come true. Its territory is full of artifacts and sanctuaries of the pre-flood civilization, which sealed the secrets of Enoch’s knowledge and the covenant laws of the legendary Noah and the father of the temple worship – Orpheus.


An event, organized by the Argonauts Society:

Enyovden – in the footsteps of the sacred

In a series of trips towards the secrets of Ancient Thrace, Academia Orphica invites you to join us on Enyovden / 23-24 June / – to walk in the footsteps of the sacred people and to take part in the restored mysteries and sacred rituals of the most ancient religion and its megalithic sanctuaries; together with explanatory lectures, familiarizing us with the technologies of the prehistoric civilization and their scientific explanation and application today. Enyovden is one of the most ancient holidays in the Bulgarian folklore, whose roots lie in the prehistoric age of mythological times, in a world inhabited by the gods and heroes of the Thracian Epos. The holiday is called after John / Ivan / Enyo / Yane /, names derivative of the biblical Enoch, known as Ani in ancient Egypt. On this day, the elements of the earth and the sky meet in the ancient writings and mysteries, which are reflected in the mystical rituals of the Bulgarian rites, where what is magical and real mix in a divine symphony.

We will visit: „HARMAN KAYA” – The Heavenly Door on Earth. „TATUL” – he Legendary Sanctuary of Orpheus and His Oracle.

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