The Book ‘The Thracian Orphism 1 – advanced’

The Thracian Orphism is still alive today. His origin is from Eternity until Eternity. As living tools of Wisdom the ancient priests of the Orphic Art “embodied” the worlds of the Sacred and sublime. As Contemplators and Guardians of the Sacred Word, the Orphic creators sacralize and cultivate the human life, through the words of Power they heal the nature and the socium, they rule over the elements.

Through their Art the Thracian Atlantis, inhabited by the Muses of the Ancient Mysteries, emerges from the sea of forgetfulness right in front of our eyes. In these mysteries the Creator and the audience participate together in the Drama, written by the Omnipresent Life as a Dramaturg, and played by ourselves, with words and actions of the Language of the Universe. The Thracian Orphism is a mirror of the Creative Spirit, Window and Door to Eternity, a bridge between the invisible and the visible, to that Reality and that mystical language that are the source of eternal and ecstasy.

Find out more about the movie “The Thracian Mystery Rites Drama” – a reenactment of the ancient Thracian feasts, which consists of authentic documentary footage of live performances during festivals of ancient Thrace in Bulgaria.

Тракийсият Орфизъм 1 за Напреднали - плакат


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