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Academia Orphica

Инсигнии на Божествения Логос - Тракийска Мистерийна Драма

Today, more than ever, Art and Culture need rehabilitation and reinstatement of their lost original, sacred role for the human civilization, for the social and individual life.

Academia Orphica is a Creative “Workshop” in which various cultural and art genres and forms are combined as bearers of the supreme ideas and realities, rooted in the nature of our existence, as existential contents that cultivate, ennoble and give meaning to space and time. The public and social demands require that the eternal and innermost longings of every human being for Beauty, Truth and internal Light be satisfied.

Тракийска Мистерийна Драма - Академия Орфика

We are convinced that the future of culture and art lies in their spontaneity, by overcoming the gap between the Creative Spirit and its “admirers”. The sterility of the museum-like and concert-like is “healed” only by the sanctification of the creative space, where the “stage” is the Life itself with its sacred cycle, recreated as an innermost mystery by all those committed to its Beauty and Value. This Organic Unity between the way of living and the cultural and artistic life is elevated as a mystical insight in the norms of our folklore and is a characteristic feature of our entire ancient spiritual heritage – both family and national.

Academia Orphica

Mission and main objectives

The activities of Academia Orphica are multidimensional, diverse and long-term.

The main objectives of Academia Orphica are the implementation of and assistance in various projects in the field of art and culture, in all their genres and types of expression through their different forms and means – from traditional to experimental and interactive forms, which throws a bridge across the ancient roots of both the national and the world culture and the spiritual sensitivity of the contemporary person.

Academia Orphica is willing to participate and assist in every project that contributes to the timeless values, which are the basis of the eternal civilization.

Besides the implementation of projects in theatre, dance and fine arts, cinema, music, literature and traditional folklore, another objective of Academia Orphica is the preparation of architectural projects at conceptual and working level, restoration and preservation of cultural and historical monuments.

To achieve its objectives, Academia Orphica organizes conferences, seminars, lectures, consultations; establishes contacts and collaboration with various institutions, academic, public, cultural, educational and other similar organizations, foundations, associations – from the country and abroad. Academia Orphica builds up work groups for the development of various projects and attracts a wide circle of collaborators; creates teams of artists, scientists and other experts to participate in and implement projects that promote and spread the Bulgarian culture as a bearer of the human progress with a special place in the treasury of the world civilization.


Association Academia Orphica is registered with the Ministry of Culture under the Law of patronage.